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About Us

  •  Jeevan Jyoti Group of Institutions has risen like a blitzkrieg in academic horizons. Ever since its inception Jeevan Jyoti Group of Institutions has been marching ahead with confident strides under the leadership of Dr. R. P Pandey persons of Dynamism and Vision who believes education is the one and only critical input that can build a great nation. To realize this mission, educational ventures were setup in mega campus at Dabhaon, Dandi, Rewa Road, Allahabad to provide quality education at affordable price.

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  • Jeevan Jyoti Group of Institutions believes in the adage "Do not limit yourself to present realities. Expand it constantly unfold your highest potential, pusing to the brink. That's what it is all about". The Group diverse academic disciplines and setting new standards of excellence in the delivery of education. We believe the true road to permanent success in any sphere is to make yourself a master in that sphere.


  •  To create leaders, winners and achievers in a global corporate world. It does not only end here but it also wishes to open new vistas of opportunities for its students by understanding their needs and providing them meaningful education. We are committed to continue our improvement in the quality of education through changes in the delivery systems and by designing and maintaining an environment which will contribute towards better employability of our students. We intend to achieve the above mentioned objectives by continuous improvements in the quality of our inputs as well as the transformation process.

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The JYOTI HOSPITAL NURSING COLLEGE was established with the noble ethos of the Jeevan Jyoti Group of Institutions and Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi. Keeping in view the importance of National Integration, the College believes in training professional nurses from all states of India and even abroad to meet the challenges of the modern healthcare delivery system, in conformity with the discipline of nursing profession. Nursing is a life long service to the people and therefore, the Jyoti Hospital Nursing School Allahabad focuses on preparing students for maximum professional effectiveness throughout their career, through relevant educational processes, facilitating continued personnel and professional growth to meet the needs of the society.